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Why towel should be changed frequently

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Towel kisses intimate contact with our body everyday, its bases cotton fiber is very easy " shelter evil people and practices " , if clean a method incorrect, can become a medium contaminative source.
Content of secrete of divide into equal parts of sweat fluid of the person, tear often is stained with on towel, and cause disease from what be infected with in the environment microbial, fizzle out like trachoma garment former put oneself in another's position, gold lubricious grape coccus, drench coccus reachs mould to wait, if be washed not frequently, bask in frequently, a large number of bacteria can be put in towel stay, progenitive, brush the body with such towel, cause infection probably. Accordingly, want to be cleaned in time after gone towel, had better wash with toilet soap everyday, issue insolation in the sun next.

Classics regular meeting appears such circumstance, after towel used period of time, hardened. Because the calcium of the dissociate in water, magnesian ion and soap are united in wedlock,this basically is, adhere causes on towel. In addition, long bilge remain also is one of hardening reasons. Send to prevent towel hard, besides often clean besides, every other joins suds or lye in water for some time, towel boil a few minutes; When boil, towel should in all water intrusion, avoid to osculatory happening oxidizes and increase strength with air fragile even change.

Moreover, the number that towel uses is much, still can become fat hair sticky and water imbibition is poor, send out a flavour of a sour, wash with soap more stickier instead. At this moment, after can be being washed with right amount brine rub, iron with hot water, full of final reoccupy clear water is clean, not only the color that can make towel extensive duplicate comes, strange flavour also can be eliminated.

Towel is fiber fabric, use time grew, the bacterium inside thorough fiber aperture keeps clear of very hard, clean, air is basked in, high temperature evaporate is boiled wait for means to be able to control bacterial amount inside short time only, not permanent and can cleared bacterium. Use the word of old towel for a long time, can inbreak to the bacterium create an opportunity. So, best 3 months left and right sides changes a new towel.