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Character of bamboo fiber towel introduces

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One, the function of bamboo fiber fabric explains

Bamboo fiber is to use the bamboo that our country produces extensively to be raw material, via special high-tech technology processing makes fiber of extraction regenerated fiber element. Because bamboo is in growth process, not any pollute a source, come from completely at nature, and bamboo fiber is OK of degradation, degradation hind does not have any pollution to the environment, can return to nature completely again, reason this fiber is called environmental protection fiber. Appearance of bamboo fiber cross section and close sticking gum, but what differ to it is sectional inside submit poriferous form, because this bamboo fiber is sucked,put wet performance wonderful. Bamboo fiber has admirable chromatic sex, colourful, drapability is good, resilience and wearability are better than sticking gum. The character with bamboo the biggest fiber is the natural property fighting bacterium that does not have any fiber place. The course is monitored, the fungus such as bacili of coccus, tremendous to grape of yellow of coliform organisms, gold gemma has bamboo thread the function that fight bacterium, 24 hours of rate that fight bacterium are achieved 73% . Bamboo fiber can be mixed with the natural fiber such as silk of cotton, day, dacron, acrylic fibbers chemical fiber blending, also but pure spin. Suit to make the home spin kind (be like towel by kind, bedding) , knitting kind (wait like the T-shirt, underwear, sock) , shirt fabrics, recreational fabrics.

2, of bamboo fiber fabric acquire whole technological process

1, bamboo fiber / cotton fabric technological process: Grey turns over → of the singeing that seam → to retreat oar → to boil experienced → to blanch soft → of → coloring → to pull a → to shrink beforehand

2, bamboo fiber / cleanse fabric technological process: Grey turns over → of the singeing that seam → to retreat oar → oxygen to bleach → to finalize the design soft → of → coloring → pulls a → to shrink beforehand

3, of bamboo fiber fabric catch whole craft characteristic

(1) bamboo fiber makes cellulose fiber with someone else same, do not be able to bear or endure alkali, in producing a course, use commonly enzymatic retreat an oar. When with cotton blending when, ungodliness of cottonseed carapace purify, fabric wool effect is small. The oxygen after we adopt cold rolling to pile craft to undertake boiling practice floats, the effect is admirable, satisfied the Mao Xiao of coloring semi-manufactured goods basically to ask.

(Craft of coloring of 2) bamboo fiber uses complete cotton technology commonly, because bamboo fiber encounters the dissolve after water to go up, make friends acquires production difficulty is greater.

(Place of coloring of 3) bamboo fiber needs to catch change makings with active dye, person Lin Ran makings is given priority to, not only prison degree good and colour and lustre is bright-coloured.
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