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Darling washs a face to had better use white little wash cloth

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The facial ministry skin of darling is very delicate, hypodermic blood capillary is rich, cheek ministry has larger adipose cushion, look special ruddy, full, luster. Immune function of Dan Baobao is not perfect, if carelessly clean, if the skin has damaged, very easy afterwards sends infection. When washing a face to little baby accordingly, the movement wants light, slow, soft, do not abrade skin.

Average time washs a face each, summer perspires much, increase the number that wash a face appropriately. Lukewarm ordinary control is in water 41 ℃ of 35 ~ , frequency overmuch or water is warm exorbitant, can wash the leather fat that has protective effect, darling can appear instead skin doing, crack, red, urticant wait for a symptom.

   The home spins little brother clew: Appliance option is very important

The washbasin of darling, towel should special, clean regularly, disinfection. The bombazine cloth of the softness of quality of a material such as the little wash cloth that towel had better choose white or Xiaomao towel. Wash a face with clear water commonly, need not the toilet soap, grandma that wash a face.