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The stand or fall of how divisional towel

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Look: Whether careful, orderly, wool encircles towel tailor height whether level off, color is bright, without depth not divide evenly phenomenon person had better.

Feel: Feel of good pure plumule towel is fleeciness, soft and without satiny feeling, grasp within the fist loose and bouncy, flap fall off without velveteen.

Hear: Good towel does not have peculiar smell.

Measure: Measure hygroscopic; The method is hang down towel hang, touch water with the hand backward swing on towel, drip does not boil fall, show water imbibition is good; If drip boils,fall, hint excessive of the softening agent in towel or fine are not worth. The 2 prisons that survey scene are spent; The method is the hot water that controls 80 ℃ first in pouring face basin, put towel to get on next carrying to move discard to wash again, the person that the water in the basin did not become angry had better. If have apparent discolor, show quality of printing and dyeing is poor, human body of be a hindrance to is healthy.

Burn: the circle of towel edge gauze takes out to be circled into the circle, ignite with fire, combustion is rapid, grey darkly color is grey, lightsome having broken bits is pure cotton or cellulose regenerated fiber. If combustion ungodliness lights ash to have nugget, showing gauze is the blending gauze that mix into has chemistry to close minute.