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Use towel has exquisite

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The purpose of use towel is for healthy, sanitation, and towel is used undeserved, just is healthful least of all thing. On human body, especially on the person's face, have a lot of secretion, after people is swabbed with towel, these harmful material are in with respect to a large number of adhere the fiber of towel is qualitative on, produce an effect to the skin not only, it is the sensitive source of the disease more, especially Chun Xia high temperature is seasonal. Use towel should notice the following:

1. The towel of family person does not want lump to use, the everybody in the home should have his towel.

2. Wash a face, bathe, the towel that brush a hand or washs other position, departure wanting an area comes, cannot a towel washs a foot from the beginning.

3. When if the guest calls in,need uses towel, ought to prepare a new towel alone, after the guest goes, do disinfection to handle or make him additionally use.

4. Go out when hotel restaurant, best oneself take towel, the bacterium on because alexipharmic equipment is very difficult thoroughly cleared towel.