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Why occasionally towel is used meet before long damaged

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New towel is used can appear before long the hole is local perhaps fragile caustic, main reason originates mould. Our project technology personnel considers to discover: The hole of towel submits irregular form mostly, with microscope observation fragile caustic becomes angry place, discover fiber surface mildew changes the phenomenon is apparent, after classics bath still can check gives fiber mould bacterium colony. Fragile caustic towel is mostly after washing gargle or brushing sweat, not insolation is deposited at damp and fuggy place, store time is longer fragile damage is more serious.

Accordingly, if you discover towel has,stick slippery feeling, accompany have peculiar smell, should use soap as soon as possible abluent and air is basked in at ventilated place. Manufacturer must retreat an oar to the towel of new production clean, drying is appeared, bale again after refrigeration deposit, must not have deposited below damp and fuggy environment long, lest produce mold,change.