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Towel, bath towel is not hanged casually

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Those who need an attention is greatly small towel and bath towel. Our current housing, the bathroom is boreal house or darkroom more, it may be said " do not see sunshine all day " . Driving in the morning go to work, will wash air of balcony of go off with unlikelily also to bask in with the towel after particularly, with the passing of time, these damp article are very easy breed bacterium, produce mildew spot even.


Still a bit your affirmation won't think of, if use microscope to observe to the fine Xiaoshui that rise is splashed to drip when strong closestool, you can discover, they can splash number actually rice is tall, because the bacillus in this bathroom is possible,the towel that runs to you goes up, the tooth brush that still has us is likely also there is no escape.


If you put the place of towel to leave closestool closer, still had better change them a safe place, want 3 meters at least from closestool far, still can put towel to the side of the balcony with sunshine enough illuminate or window everyday " bath " sunshine. Catch a cold in the family member especially heal or it is cough heal a few days that after, besides basking in towel frequently, still should use disappear venom to immerse all towel adequately abluent.


The skin go from bad to worse of condition of dark and gloomy of sensitive, color of skin, skin, because hypodermic small inflammation is caused,be. This moment, want to notice the sanitation of towel and bath towel all the more, towel need not too " luxurious " , but often should change new, new compare old safe sanitation certainly.