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Unscramble towel nomenclature

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1, cut fine hair:

Towel comes down from loom is two sides be Mao Juan; And the requirement prints present printing product to go up in the cloth cover with bright and clean level off, how to do; Had so cut fine hair. Cutting fine hair is hair the circle is cut go half, such, towel suits printing. The factory of high administrative levels can print towel so that think oil painting is same, as adornment special also high-grade. Foreign product asks to cut fine hair commonly now; Because cut color of the colour and lustre after printing of product of cloth with soft nap, feel is comfortable. And its defect is to cut product of cloth with soft nap to drop cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side easily, if craft is made unreasonable word, mao Mao can be dropped after entering the water, but again sound technology, the product that cut fine hair all can have what drop cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side slightly. The product that does not cut fine hair criterion on printing not meticulous, but wear well is gotten very, need not fear it can drop Mao Mao, feel is opposite and character criterion within an inch of.

2, bibulous:

Why after some towel enter the water not bibulous? Some towel are felt, is water dry? Because be in processing towel process, used a kind of auxiliary: Softening agent. This thing is a kind of liquid, towel passes to be able to become very soft from inside. It has two kinds: One kind is water imbibition; One kind is not of water imbibition. Not bibulous product colour and lustre is especially other and bright-coloured, seem to make clear besmear like a grease; So, want to buy the word of bibulous towel when you, if very thin towel is very bright-coloured, it is not bibulous.

3, constituent craft:

If you are attentive person, a Mao Juan comprises the towel one side that can discover, other one side is two Mao Juan; Having a plenty of two sides is a Mao Juan; Some are two sides be composition of two wool circle. General the product that we see is the towel that two sides is composition of a Mao Juan; Because be common masses product, this calls odd wool craft; And now and then you can see having one side is composition of a Mao Juan, other one side is the towel of two Mao Juan, this calls Chan Shuangmao craft; Be to belong to high-grade range of products, so this more wear well, imprint the design and color that go out is gorgeous and dazzling, what see more hard is craft of in pairs wool, it is the towel that two sides is composition of two Mao Juan; This towel is especially other and thick. Belong to high-grade and costly range of products.
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