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The eye became tired towel will help

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Summer, in period of time takes below the sun, enter a room in, can you feel the eye has some of acid to bilge? Beijing hospital is ophthalmic advocateAllowThe doctor wears rainbow to say, want to let an eye peacefully estivate, should pay attention to eye sanitation, eye should be shut to rest after using an eye 40 minutes, or use glacial towel spread.

Dai Hong says, as summertime air temperature elevatory, bacterial breed is accelerated, suffer from eye ministry very easily to contract sexual disease. Increase as the reflection of sunshine, ultraviolet illuminate is excessive, accumulate over a long period causes cataract, pterygium more easily also to wait.

Dai Hong says, usually, sunglass can rise to stop ultraviolet action. But if use undeserved or lens quality is inferior, do not have defended effect not only, the light that because pass through coloured lens,still meets is darker, make pupil reflex sex greatens, shoot the radial grow in quantity inside pleasant to see, can absorb more ultraviolet radiation instead.

In addition, as lengthen by day, the time that people rests also is met a few later, the exhaustion of the eye is spent can increase accordingly, easy appear dry wait for a symptom.

So, want to let an eye peacefully estivate, should choose a pair above all appropriate, the sunglass with good quality, and go out ought to avoid strong light point-blank.

Often use the computer, person that read a book or sees TV, 5-10 should rest appropriately after using an eye 40 minutes normally minute, or the repose that close eye, or see Xiang Yuan be in, or the health care that make a key point is held.

Still have a small method, to alleviating eyestrain is very effective -- apply of the towel that use ice. A few ice cube had better prepare in the home at ordinary times, go up with towel bag next, during rest apply is on the eye, can feel very Shu Shuang. Of course, if office is indoor,can store without freezer ice cube, usable also cold water wets towel apply is on the face, the result is right also.
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