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The catharsis means of the towelling coverlet with commonly used summer

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Towelling coverlet and other towel kind clothing and other articles of daily use is same, interweave by a group of warp of a group of ground, cottony gauze and a group of weft and become.

Towelling coverlet fades not easily commonly. Before washing, immerse half hours inside cold water, be in next 50, the catharsis inside the black fluid of 60C. Immerse again after the fluctuation inside black fluid carries scald thin slices of meat in boiling water a few times 5, 10 minutes, when immersing, want even. Rub washs force to want to want divide evenly gently. Cast wash 2 ~ 3 times Wen Shui and 2, 3 clear water. Cast wash must complete, clean, avoid to work late hard. Air basks in used rope, pole to want smooth cleanness, avoid to contact burr. After towelling coverlet is completely dry, the order that use a hand is even ground knead, shake twice, make nap keeps inattentive. The catharsis fluid that has washed towelling coverlet does not wash other dress again, lest touch hair.

The towelling coverlet with coarse to already becoming good hair or towel can undertake handling with laxative remedy, in order to improve its handle. The method is to use a bit some thicker (8 % are controlled) soap fluid, washing powder fluid or boil of soda ash fluid boil moment. Do not make when boil is boiled towelling coverlet or towel show fluid face to be injured in case, use Wen Shui, cold water next ordinal cast wash clean. Blow in ventilated place finally dry.