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How to maintain towel softness

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After towel has used period of time, can become very hard, very coarse, unlike just began soft in that way, how does ability make towel keeps soft

1, will clean out rice water (the first, 2) in pouring boiler, put in towel boil, after be being burned, boil a little while more again went. The towel that passes such doing will be whiten, sodden, become thicker than before, can have light rice sweet.

2, put towel in catharsis fluid hot water, after boil or ironing 5 minutes, it is OK to take the advantage of heat to be washed clean again.

3, towel often is washed and every other uses soap, washing powder or lye boil several minutes for some time, can prevent hair is good. The towel when boil should all and soggy in, lest happen to oxidize and reduce pliability with air contact

4, when washing towel, put towel build have thick soap liquid, the boil in acetic water or buck is a short while, when boiling, should make black fluid floods towel. Next reoccupy clear water, ordinal full counts Wen Shui second, taking Shui Liang at ventilated place. After air, towel can restore softness. What need reminds is towel cannot issue insolate for a long time in the sun, ordinary air is better in air of ventilated place nature

5, towel science disinfects a law: Use towel boiled water boil 10 minutes or so first, reoccupy soap catharsis, use clear water next sufficient and abluent, finally good towel fold in putting microwave oven, heat 5 minutes.

6, best method is use vinegar concentrate, put vinegar concentrate in 1: In the solution of 4, water capacity is not much, had overflowed towel to go, after immersing 5 minutes, travel rub washs reentry to use clear water full after that clean can.