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Paper towel can use the lubricious prison that checks towel simply to spend

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Product of national cotton spin detects the expert of ministry of central qualitative check thinks, towel fade differs to have poisonous harmful material at containing, the product that a few normal manufacturer produce also can have quality of a float. So fade can as discern the standard of towel stand or fall?

Zhang Yan of researcher of Chinese spin academy of sciences tells us a simple method, before the towel with gorgeous colour of choose and buy, will discern with clean paper towel or a few clear water. Because of towel unqualified main reason is water imbibition and lubricious prison degree do not amount to mark, lubricious prison spends poorer towel apparent meeting fade, but a little normal product can have float quality really, loiter makes a round trip a few times on the towel that should use paper towel to be chosen in place only when the choose and buy, if color just is touched shallowly,be in paper towel or did not touch completely, the lubricious prison that makes clear towel is spent very good, it is the product of quality reach a standard, soak the color on paper towel conversely apparent, towel is easy fade, so its color prison is spent opposite poorer, quality nature was to call a discount.

Of course, towel can be put in clear water to be washed a few times after redemptive home, generally speaking, the meeting when the towel with good quality just is being cleaned for the first time washs color of a few float. If every time fade, the towel that had better not use this kind of quality washs a face, resemble using otherwise " chemical dye " like washing a face, as time passes, injure to cutaneous but not small.

Before choosing, hear

Actually, the flavour that should hear towel is returned before picking colourful towel, because, the manufacturer home of a few inferior towel is used a few ban use catch change makings, and these catching change benzidine is contained in makings kind carcinogen, can produce pungent odour. Still a few inferior towel have taste of raw meat or fish of a fish, petrolic, not be deposit or carry bring about, leak as a result of the machining equipment of manufacturer however oily, do not accord with wholesome standard to cause, the chromatic towel with so good quality should do not have peculiar smell.

Pure plumule towel is first selection
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