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With Ba (sweet) technology of fiber of spin of dry treatment of broadleaf plant

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A few days ago, jiangxi appropriate spring of own development " Ba (sweet) broadleaf plant fiber changes processing technique and product development subtly " project, passed by hemp of Mei Zijiang of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China kind the appraisal of achievement of science and technology of the expert group that the domestic famous expert such as association director Zhang Shiping forms, achieve current international advanced level.

This project with Ba (sweet) broadleaf plant the litter that cultivates a generation -- , Ba (sweet) broadleaf plant bine works for raw material, use live thing enzymatic handle technology jointly with chemical oxidation, captured Ba (sweet) come unglued of broadleaf plant fiber and detached crucial technology, the production that is textile developed a kind of new-style natural fiber raw material. Unit of research and development is aimed at Ba (sweet) characteristic of broadleaf plant fibrous, research and development new-style pull cut a technology, apply Yu Ba successfully (sweet) in treatment of spinning of broadleaf plant fibrous, raised Ba (sweet) spinnability of broadleaf plant fibrous and yarn character. Pass pair of Ba at the same time (sweet) craft of spinning of broadleaf plant fiber undertakes iteration optimizing, the spinning that formed maturity manufactures technology, already produced a 28TEX pure spinning, and with 55? The scale of 45 parts with cotton, stuck glue and production of spun silk blending to give 14.8TEX Ba (sweet) product of gauze of blending of broadleaf plant fiber, via Shanghai discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau detects, all product quality all achieves 1SLF001 of / of industry standard Q, the quality requirement of 2008 regulations.

Expert group listened to a project to complete report of the research working report of the unit, technology, view and emulate fabrics of weft knitting of fiber, yarn, knitting and hand-me-down, classics inquiry and after discussing seriously, think, the development of achievement of this science and technology is successful, bought a kind of new-style environmental protection newly for spin industry natural fiber material, the development to textile will rise to urge action revolutionarily, develops Ba (sweet) broadleaf plant fiber, yarn and product application perspective are wide, have good economy and social beneficial result.