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Without chloric shrinkproof abb processing technology matures increasingly

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Chinese spin goods and materials (group) the science and technology of Shanghai beneficial unripe spin of head office subordinate expands limited company, handle 3e-wool shrinkproof the technology to introduce China from Japan from 2003, improve through ceaseless technology, make this has the requirement that industrialization carries out without chloric shrinkproof technology. As the amplification of market demand, production cost is reduced ceaselessly, quality is more stable. As we have learned, at present relatively the shrinkproof processing means of environmental protection has: Handle with aeriform fluorine shrinkproof, arrange shrinkproof processing with liquefied ammonia, handle with plasma shrinkproof, handle with ozone shrinkproof, with enzymatic processing shrinkproof and 3e-wool shrinkproof are handled.

Abb shrinkproof handles an estate use chloric department compound to have shrinkproof treatment, the in discharging liquid waste and water organic substance that produces generation produces chemical reaction, the corporeal adsorption that generates a kind to have the sex that cause cancer organic matter (abbreviation AOX) . Once this kind of AOX enters human body by piscine shellfish, human body of meeting accumulating existence is adipose in, have the risk that cause cancer. The country such as Europe, Japan is handled to shrinkproof of chloric department compound undertake limitative. The abb crop that China uses chloric department compound to undertake shrinkproof processing is in 40 thousand tons about / year, the liquid waste discharge capacity that contains chloride every year is in 2 million tons about, water supply region causes serious pollution.