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Industry of 35 printing and dyeing is energy-saving the advanced technique that

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Number: 2007-S-005 project name: Fine Er printing and dyeing uses solar energy warm water system

The unit that finish: Limited company of science and technology of solar energy of Er of Shenzhen city fine

Project general situation:

Fine Er printing and dyeing passes microcomputer control with solar energy warm water system, move automatically, need not manage artificially, want to have sun's rays only, solar energy thermal collector can produce hot water, circular pump makes hot water can be heated again higher temperature, utmost favourable geographical position uses solar energy.

This system is aimed at design of industry of printing and dyeing technically, can constant temperature supplies hot water. Fine Er printing and dyeing produces hot water process to differ with solar energy warm water system and warm water system of traditional solar energy, cold water first a few, successive enters thermal collector to heat quickly hot water, heat preservation cistern is flowed into to store after stand-by. And warm water system of traditional solar energy is cold water enters pool directly, full pool cold water heats naturally circularly slowly, water is warm gradually slow rise, usually, morning and heat up not quite without hot water or hot water in the morning. Cover a system originally besides solar energy system, designed a more than heat technically still to reclaim equipment, can make full use of the quantity of heat of liquid waste of printing and dyeing.

The technology wants a place:

Fine Er printing and dyeing uses solar energy warm water system by solar energy collect pool of heat board, hot water, more than heat reclaims 4 much form system and water supply pipeline. Heat up collect when sun's rays board the cold water inside heats to 55 ℃ (this temperature can be installed) when, cold water is in charge of the electromagnetism a powerful person that go up to be opened automatically, cold water is pressed into collect by tap water pressure inside heat board, heat up collect board the hot water inside is squeezed in hot water pool to store stand-by. Reach market when cold water the temperature probe of heat board exit and temperature under 55 ℃ when, electromagnetism valve is shut immediately, cold water stays in collect be continued to heat by sun's rays inside heat board. Repeat so undertake, again and again of solar energy warm water system produces hot water to enter pool, till cistern till hot water is full. If still have solar energy, circular water pump can be started automatically, take out the hot water of the 55 ℃ inside cistern come, through solar energy collect heat board heats circularly, make water warm lift further.

Economic evaluation:

Collect heats up solar energy of every 10 thousand square metre board can produce ~ of 200 thousand tons of 55 ℃ every year 60 ℃ hot water, but managing 20 thousand tons of vapour, but managing 2.6 million yuan / year, warm water system can have sewage utilization of waste heat at the same time, annual but managing vapour charge 1 million yuan of above, aggregate and managing 3.6 million yuan / year, buy equipment to need 11 million yuan about, 3 years can disinvestment.
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