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Silk of cloth with soft nap of memory of feeling of wool of PTT of chemical fibb

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Recently, by Wu Jiang limited company of circumference chemical fibber develops a PTT successfully to remember gauze FDY and POY of polyester fibber convention to spell a net compound, become a kind already hairiness cloth with soft nap feels bouncy memory function is new-style cellulose fiber, this fiber has the multiple advantage such as function of feeling of taller bounce, cloth with soft nap, memory, make the product has machinability on spin fabrics. At present product standards has 50 50, 75 50, 95 50, 95 75 to wait. Slippery bright of softness of fiber quality of a material, silk feels strong character, have good feel and overhang feeling, fabric is protected model the gender is good, easy do, be able to bear or endure catharsis, fight wrinkle; Breathe freely function excel is common cleanse cleanse is compound silk, make fabrics apparel comfortable; It is the good raw material of all sorts of the underwear that make, sportswear, high-grade fashionable dress.