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Technology of key of jacquard weave of electron of our country textile obtains a

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Current, the technology of contemporary electron jacquard weave that abroad uses extensively broke through the limitation that needle of grain of traditional mechanical jacquard weave counts, make fabric grain appearance OK more complex, count to the product (batch) the limitation of the quantity but smaller, can satisfy the requirement of textile much breed, small lot and individuation, improve textile class and product considerably thereby additional cost. The technology of contemporary electron jacquard weave that in the light of enterprise of our country spin pressing hope uses high reliable low cost, demand that increases product competition capacity, in the country the 863 support that plan domain of advanced production technology fall, the unit such as college of Zhejiang grain industry emulates the number chromatic weaving technology and union of photograph of technology of equipment of electronic jacquard weave, excogitate the solution that suits to change textile to produce a course to the total number word of fabric finished product from fiber raw material, realized the integrated innovation of craft, equipment and products plan method. Development went needle of high speed big grain to count plane of electronic jacquard weave, its are the biggest grain pin number is 10752 needles, weaving engine speed is achieved 620 turn / cent, integral performance index reachs the level of foreign congener product, needle of 2 when develop development big grain counted prototype of machine of electronic jacquard weave to get demonstrative applied, already produced a fabric of high-grade jacquard weave more than meters 10000, obtained good economic benefits. In the meantime, still filed patent of multinomial domestic and international invention. A few days ago, task of this research and development passed concerned expert series check and accept. The research of this task makes our country had the opportunity of electronic jacquard weave that has own intellectual property not only, also be in to break foreign company the monopoly position of respect of technology of electronic jacquard weave, the situation that counts an import to change jacquard weave of our country electron to equip laid technical foundation.