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Philips company rolls out photon yarn fabric

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On IFA2005 exhibition, each are big what the company rolls out is new taste your person dazzling. The Philips before this rolls out a type electron documentation to read monitor, philips company rolls out a kind again today brand-new notional monitor, it is the yarn fabric of a kind of photon that Philips company rolls out actually, this yarn fabric contains glow system. Say for monitor, because this product can be used,be regard as monitor will use.

The difficult problem that develops this product is the glow diode beam of light that differs color compositive between yarn fabric, and this yarn fabric maintains plasticity even. Philips company development developed a kind of alternant layer that forms by fabric, the beam of light glow diode is compositive arrive among yarn fabric, fabric can disperse equably beam of light. At present this product just also is belonged to start level, but Philips company reveals to people this kind brand-new the concept can make likely smooth product has a new tomorrow.