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The aloe application on knitwear of functional sex wool

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Textile is the requisite that the mankind lives, be in at present to muti_function the level that the product develops. In recent years, because return to the buildup of nature and healthy protection consciousness, the function that gives priority to with comfortable, clean, health care, sanitation arranges the subject that already became this century. Use natural material to undertake the development of functional textile complies with this to develop a tendency, its product accepts the favour of consumer quite. Aloe serves as a kind pure the natural plant that has a variety of special effect, caused the attention of people already.

Wool textile of first selection of development aloe textile serves as the reason that develops a target to depend on: Aba texture is soft, abb element gap is bigger, seldom catharsis, can make Lu Hui's effect lasting; Add Lu Hui to wool knitwear, the external use that basically is play aloe value, increase product and the intimacy that the skin contacts, and protect wet, protect the skin, antiseptic, effect that fight bacterium, increase product class thereby, add a product additional cost.

The extraction of juice of aloe full page

Xian Xie → cleans → air → to smash → decompression filters → of juice of → full page (sparge dry) ;

Use a technology

What use generally at present is small capsule technology, this technology is will one plant or the active part of a few kinds of plant medicine, wrap up is in small particle capsule, originallying to be in the fiber of fabric again, make its make hygiene fabric. Small capsule can be released through all sorts of means, slow when take send out come out, in order to assure the lasting effect sex of action. Can be machined through coating when application or make with an application such as adhesive small capsule is originallying to be on textile. Outside eliminating small capsule technique, still can use ultrasonic technology, plasma technology, accept rice technology to wait to be Lu Hui application on wool textile.

Apply foreground

Textile serves as the 2nd skin of human body, having main effect to the health of human body. Aloe collect is protected wet, whitened, prevent bask in, curb kills bacterium, diminish inflammation, fight the action such as radiation at a suit, if apply its in textile, protect skin to having important contribution in the round to human implementation, and the perfect union of Lu Hui and wool textile will make wool textile content exceeds a value.

Put in the problem

The development infuse that aloe is functional textile new blood, going after the 21 centuries of green health, aloe caresses health and beautiful natural plant figure in the round with its, guiding people to move toward the journey that returns to nature, its are valued in the applied market prospect on wool textile. But, still a few problems still need research:

Of ◎ aloe leaf last problem and the stability of aloe juice turn processing issue, those who solve good Lu Hui combat oxidation problem, choose appropriate antiseptic and antioxidant in order to ensure the effective and active part in Lu Hui not loss.
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