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Whole oar harvester produces color to knit the benefit analysis of beam

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Spin industry grows today, market competition is more and more intense, the color of characteristic of small lot much breed, outstanding individuation knits order increasing, and hand in period urgent, rhythm is fast, the rate that the requirement produces tall, quality is good. Course of craft of traditional warping, sizing is longer, and existence is worn the oar expects cost is high, answer an oar as a result of staining of colour with lead waste of low, cotton waste to wait for a lot of malpractice more. From this, we break through traditional technological process, introduce product line of harvester of whole, oar, explore those who go out to be produced in whole oar harvester " economic length " limits. Knitted breed to adopt whole oar to combine technological process to small lot color, already managing a machine, machine cotton waste, reduced oar makings cost again, economic benefits is very considerable, year managing capital is controlled 600 thousand yuan, be worth to popularize very much. Concrete analysis is as follows.

1 " economic length " limits

Be in what whole oar harvester produces to explore lubricious cloth to plant " economic length " limits, the company knits breed S50308 with color (root of norms J 11.7/11.7 527.5/303 157.5, total classics is counted 8280, several 14, lubricious date 6 kinds, 1220 M of length of warping length 1350 M, beam) for exemple, expect from the oar cost, answer an oar to use, removed machine cotton waste, with labour, with report, with steam, wait for a respect with water, calculated respectively the integrated cost that in traditional technological process and pull current of whole oar harvester Cheng produces, undertook contrast, exploration gives serial production brunet color knits color of breed, depth to knit breed interval color of light color of production, serial production knits breed below 3 kinds of circumstances, produce on whole oar harvester " critical economy length " , it is 9500 M, 7000 M, 5000 M respectively. Decide thereby " critical economy length " the length of limits less than is to be in what whole oar harvester produces " economic length " limits.

1.1 integrated cost are comparative

Knit breed S50308 to be with color exemple have consideration, specific computation is as follows.

1.1.1 oars expect (contain a thick liquid) price difference

(1) oar makings recipe sees a table 1.

Express recipe of 1 oar makings
Make oar harvester warp sizing machine
QB818 75.75%
1.52% PVA-1799
SK-E 12.13%

(2) oar makings price sees a table 2.

Express unit of quotation of 2 oars makings: Yuan / Kg
PVA-1799 PVA-205 CD-90 CP GM8-60 KT YL QB818 SK-E
12 15 10 12 10 20 10 5 10

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