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Liquid waste of true love wool spinning handles ability to change a project to s

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Expand of productivity ceaselessly as the enterprise, how to rise energy-saving reduce platoon and capacity of useless water treatment, became a when love wool spinning limited company really new task. On January 29, the deep well aeration that this company is introduced and carries out handles engineering trick to change a project to score a success, pass expert argumentation.

In recent years, output of product of support of limited company of true love wool spinning, quality and credit are occupational the market, make the enterprise obtained rapid development. But expand of productivity ceaselessly as the enterprise, the constant change of industrial raw material, the liquid waste concentration that discharges everyday is higher and higher also, build device of useless water treatment to already cannot satisfy the need that produces progress formerly. To implement the concerned provision of national environmental protection strictly, eliminate company place to discharge the liquid waste pollution to the environment, protect zoology environment, the synchronism that realizes industrial production and environmental protection coordinates development, this company introduces item of green environmental protection -- deep well aeration handles a project, undertake be handled integratedly and reclaiming using to liquid waste.

As we have learned, technology of deep well aeration is had cover an area of a face to accumulate small, moving charge organic liquid waste, mud handles Gao Nong of can province of low, investment, direct processing charge low, free from contamination expands problem, moving stability, management is convenient wait for a characteristic. Plan of this project technology can solve the waste water that the enterprise is produced as a result of enlarge and lack brings place effectively to cannot stabilize the technical issue that amounts to mark to discharge, promoted liquid waste processing greatly ability and time with rate, eliminated the pollution of enterprise liquid waste to the environment basically, the discharge capacity that can reduce contaminant COD every year 1782 tons, the discharge capacity of BOD 369.6 tons, the discharge capacity of SS 521.4 tons.