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Spin shoe takes an industry to have greatly " article of science and technology

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Two " science and technology innovates " the message is like ever was acquainted, but full of however move is abundant " the awaken of spring " . It shows the pace of the travel before stone lion city increases own innovation from a flank, also tell us at the same time: Spin shoe takes product and produce to also have greatly " article of innovation of science and technology " can do.

The requirement all the more that promotes as the industry is pressing, the catchword of own innovation " sing " noisier and noisier also. But, many people are at present right " innovation " 2 words feel mysterious quite, do not know to do it from where; More somebody is right this times feeling too high to reach, think innovation is the thing of product of new and high technology only. Consequently, often appear " say to return say, do return do " phenomenon, incur loss through delay the opportunity that the enterprise promotes. Today, of stone lion " briny breed aquatics and innovation of deep processing technique set an example " the project is labelled by hall of province science and technology " one county one course of study " lion of project of innovation of science and technology, stone one shoe look forward to by Fujian 5 hall bureau is maintained for center of provincial company technology, these satisfactory messages, the traditional industry infuse that gives stone lion again " a shot in the arm " , it tells stone lion the person again: Innovation of science and technology is beside us, science and technology innovates with respect to place oneself at us in traditional industry.

Yellow secretary of stone lion municipal Party committee is in city the requirement on 5 2 parties acting conferences: Want to strengthen technical innovation, encourage bibcock enterprise or guild to build center of technical research and development, encourage brand enterprise to lead innovation practice, develop the high-end product with technical high content, promote a brand effect, try hard to world brand sprint. Undoubted, the traditional industry of stone lion should be guidance with this, it is a target with traditional industry modernization, pass industrial conformity and technical reformation, the core technology competition ability that promotes spin dress, recreational shoe, hardware the product such as fittings and market competition ability, make our traditional industry reachs a product, be in ceaselessly be full of " contemporary competition " one party world is won below market background.