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Environmental protection of aggrandizement of fiber of person of the Supreme Bei

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Company of fiber of person of the Supreme Being puts forward recently, the production that strengthens environmental protection material further, continue to hold the lead position in environmental protection respect. Specific content includes: Expand use chemical product to reclaim of the system " zoology circulates " project; Expand not to use the application of the aggregate technology of any heavy metal, provide other company actively; Make sure raw material is supplied, aggrandizement gets together production of lactic acid fibrous.

Group of person of the Supreme Being was made 1992 " earthly environment charter " , the research and development of environmental protection material produces a domain to be in banner level in the industry. This year in July, the company put forward again " environmental protection manage enunciative " , make clear those who provided carbon dioxide discharge capacity to cut quota. Environmental protection material develops a field, this company also produced vanward type effect.

Zoology material develops a field, fiber of person of the Supreme Being applies the earliest in the domain such as sportswear, uniform. Recently, company with Fulandeer the company cooperates, rolled out the Western-style clothes that use zoology material makes, revealed zoology material to be used at the possibility of fashionable dress. In addition, the company cooperation in clothing fabrics domain is in this company and Padageliya Europe produced huge echo, hopeful produces the promotion in enterprise, retail business in European dress.

What begin from 2009 year is new round in in planning for a long time, fiber of person of the Supreme Being puts forward clearly: Polyester fiber filament will be become entirely can reclaim material, be in meanwhile short staple, industrial the domain such as fiber also strengthens research development, enlarge zoology stuff place to hold proportion. Begin from 2010, fiber of person of the Supreme Being produces a lieutenant general to use any heavy metal no longer in polyester filament, in order to reduce the pollution of pair of human body and environment. Be worth what carry is, company of person of the Supreme Being shows clearly: Offer the way that makes over through the technology chemical fibber product to reclaim to other company recycle technology, use a level with raising the useless old other people of entire industry to reclaim.