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Fiber of natural color cotton introduces

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The coloring treatment of fiber product often can cause environmental pollution, because this scientists try to use,turn gene technology, breed the cotton that has color, obtain chromatic cotton thereby.

1972, american scientist scores a success in the effort of this respect, and be cultivated as chromatic cotton expand of the area ceaselessly, the dress that machines production with chromatic cotton is in Euramerican, Japan the market greatly popular.

1994, our country introduces this technology, the chromatic cotton variety that grows the colour and lustre such as a palm, green, red, yellow, orange, violet, ash successfully now, mu produce already amounted to 95kg~113kg, united States of its character excel's best breed, have international banner level.

Because chromatic cotton is,one kind has natural colorific new-style cotton, use organic farming to cultivate, need not float catch treatment, second birth can circulate after discarding, the " that came true to produce hand-me-down to machine whole process from fiber truly 0 pollution " .

Accordingly, it is the first selection raw material of green cotton textile, natural color cotton mixes predicting future inside 30 years organic cotton will occupy green the 30% above of world cotton total output, natural color cotton textile will be this century most get one of consumer reliance, green dry goods that have market potential most.