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Technology of fiber of source of biology of success of courtyard research and de

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Spin division courtyard to consider to develop for years through China, develop technology of fiber of successful biology source successfully already now:

One, medical can draw material, PGLA polymer and filament

Quality of medical apparatus and instruments of Jinan of supervisory management board monitors the drug of provision of filament classics state of PGLA910 examine after the center examines, each index accords with a standard entirely.

1) combats piece of intensity and knot strength exceedingly goodly, good flexibility.

The biology consistence with good 2) and constituent consistence, without other poisonous secondary action.

The live thing with good 3) but degradation sex

The classics after art 40 ~ 90 days, can degradation becomes carbon dioxide and water, be absorbed by human body proper motion and excrete, need not take out stitches and 2 operations, do not have harmful response to human body.

2, algal fiber

Algal fiber is by the algal acid that treatment extracts inside kelp sodium is basic raw material, fiber of sex of function of a kind of when be machined through filature and become natural high polymer, have fast and hemostatic can draw performance with human body.

3, material of unripe form function

Sex of unripe form function is medical material is with ocean biology and insect are raw material (be like: The) such as carapace of shrimp of algal, crab, silkworm chrysalis carapace, what develop development in the light of utility of different medical treatment is medical material. Already pledged in algal fiber, carapace at present fiber and extraction of carapace amine fibrous, filature, obtain greater progress into cloth and its function research, certain product already allowed instrument of word, cure to grant word and corresponding manufacturing license to concern medicine, develop about farther medical treatment utility at present still afoot. Its are potential the market is broad, be traditional dressing replace a product.