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Bamboo / cotton / of fabric of day silk blending catch full treatment

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Function of 1 bamboo fibrous and blending fabric characteristic

Bamboo fiber is to use the bamboo that our country produces extensively to be raw material, via special high-tech technology processing makes fiber of extraction regenerated fiber element. Because bamboo fiber is OK of degradation, degradation hind does not have any pollution to the environment, reason is called environmental protection fiber. Bamboo fiber intensity is tall, stretch good, have good wearability and drapability, and fully wet sex, permeability mixes good moisture absorption the natural function that fight bacterium. The course detects, the fungus such as bacili of coccus, tremendous to grape of yellow of coliform organisms, gold gemma has bamboo thread the function that fight bacterium, 24h fights bacterium rate to achieve 73% . Bamboo / cotton / fabric of day silk blending is integrated advantage of 3 kinds of fibrous, have the property of cotton fiber softness, moisture absorption, comfortable heat preservation already, have damage of bamboo fiber wear-resisting again, fight bacterium, fight ultraviolet radiate, moisture absorption to appear cool and gas, dry with the day the characteristic with smooth, elegant silk, so, bamboo / cotton / fabric of day silk blending belongs to high-grade dress fabrics. The dress that uses its make it is cool and comfortable, do not stick the body, suit underwear especially, fabrics of dress of kit, summer.

2 grey norms reachs coloring technological process

2.1 grey norms

Bamboo / cotton / day silk (40/40/20) 9.8/14.6668/438 170cm

2.2 technological process

3 acquire whole technology

3.1 singeing

Bamboo / cotton / surface of grey of fabric of day silk blending has one part short fluff, still have a few cottonseed carapace, Mao Qiu. Be like not singeing or wool ungodliness, affect cloth cover result already, because fluff felt produces coloring,be in easily again in treatment of printing and dyeing not divide evenly, fade, cause defect disease, affect style of product quality zephyr, and use up more catch change makings, reason singeing technology is particularly vital. Singeing craft: 2 2 instead, speed: 110m/min, class of singeing quality 3-4.

3.2 retreat an oar

Because amylaceous starch basically is used when weaving, auxiliary add polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) wait for chemical oar. Accordingly, must notice to protect fiber when choosing preparation, choose pair of amylaceous oars to have alternative degradation, active taller, and the starch with better stability. Feel effect the grease in fabric, waxiness to nondestructive, when PH is worth 5-9, preparation maintains taller active, make retreat an oar fast and even, in order to achieve the better result that retreat an oar. Accordingly, we chose Nuo dimension to believe the 2000L retreating an oar of the company, use the dosage of 2g/L.
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