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Chemical industry of spin of Shanghai Qi luck: New-style low temperature drills

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Through a year much scientific research tackles key problem, development of success of limited company of chemical industry of spin of Shanghai Qi luck went microtherm practice to bleach agent QR-2010, QR-2011, QR-2020. The expert thinks, if these a few kinds of products are extensive apply, will produce good economic benefits and social beneficial result.

According to expert introduction, these a few kinds of products were in home of cotton mill of knitting, woven, towel, gauze, tube to undertake cloth of bombazine, knitwear, cheese, towel, machine, Lai blocks single jersey to wait pure spin the detail drawing lofting that reachs blending to experiment, all obtain favorable result; It is OK to be used at machine fabric practice to float remove the oar, practice that boil, blanch 3 footwork to change one footwork; In addition, these a few kinds of products still apply to all sorts of intermittent type to machine a machine, and continuous steam evaporate grows a car.

At present these a few kinds of products had divided the manufacturer such as knitting, woven, towel, gauze, cheese to apply at actual production in the ministry. Carry out a proof via production, use these a few kinds of products not only but water of section steam, section, reduce blowdown, raise Mao Xiaohe whiteness, the fabric dead crape that still can decrease to practice floats and arise because of high temperature imprints, special the practice that applies to soja fiber, Lai to block blending content floats.