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"Airtight TPU squeezes craft of textile of Fu giving besmear to study " passes a

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On April 3 morning, chair by association of Chinese textile industry in edifice of Beijing state guest what finite liability company bears new material is spin in was being held " airtight TPU squeezes craft of textile of Fu giving besmear to consider " project appraisal is met.

Appraisal meets an expert group by always hind military supplies institute Dr. Shi Meiwu holds the post of a group leader, jiang Zhimin of Beijing spin holding company teachs class senior engineer to hold the post of assistant group leader, other member has place of tall corrective professor, courtyard to reach enterprise or business senior engineer composition. Expert group listened to project group the relevant data report such as use opinion of report of working report, technology, user, be in subsequently of project controller tell unship view and emulate project product sample, come off through closing to the heat of domestic and international congener product the test remains the contrast of sample, the working grade that each expert leader affirmed very gladly to place of this project series is obtained.

After passing serious, meticulous discussion one time, experts think consistently:

One, the processing technique that this project studied to develop a kind of new-style TPU to squeeze a Tu Fusheng to produce craft air-tightness composite material. The filtration that passes the chemical data such as pair of TPU, adhesive, auxiliary and the system to the agglutinate between base material and velar ability and compound technology study, formed textile and the core technology that the high strenth between velar ability combines air-tightness, fill home is blank. Introduce the product that this technology produces, the its air-tightness, level that comes off index amounts to the main function such as intensity to exceed foreign congener product even, house international is advanced level.

2, the product that this project develops is had at the same time have tensile strength exceedingly good, be able to bear or endure the good performance such as microtherm, wear-resisting, and can solder heat is sealed, whole treatment process is efficient, energy-saving, it is one kind uses the air-tightness data with convenient, superior performance, can replace entrance product.

3, maturity of this project engineering technology is stable, realized batch to turn production, the product already applied at all sorts of aerating container of bag system, software and defend the utility such as material, market prospect is capacious, gained distinct socioeconomy benefit, special popularize applied value again in domain of national defence war industry.

Suggest at the same time: Continue to study hot frit is stuck receive compound technology, develop new special breed

"Craft of textile of crowded Fu giving besmear studies airtight TPU " project appraisal can obtain consummation.

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