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Yu of classics abb share second branch: Trial-produce of new-style rapier loom b

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Recently, by Yu of classics abb share second the loom of G1728 new-style rapier that development department of product of branch technology center develops is trying build a ministry to finish assemble and drive successful.
This machine uses those who win patent advocate connecting rod of wallboard of main transfer machinery, box type, space brings abb and conjugate cam to hit abb; Use an electron to send classics and electronic reel-up; Use what the world precedes to not have guide sword of the fine that hook carbon takes the system that pass a sword; Use mature and reliable DA40 to look for abb orgnaization, its are original slow fast orgnaization and overall be in harmony is an organic whole, the stability that the wallboard of aggrandizement and girder ensured equipment is good and fight brace up quality.