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[Supply] National Day gift -- product of series of towel of fast dry be scared

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Product standards: Gift box
Referenced price:
Supply an amount: 2000
Issue date: 2008-9-17
Period of efficacy: 30
Define: On October 1, the birthday of mother of motherland of National Day —— ! The red-letter day with great the Chinese nation! When this grand festival comes, my department is special the gift that rolls out novel, vogue: Exceed strong bibulous towel-----1 minute wipes wet hair, avoid with hair dryer, when convenient, province. This product by superfine fibber weaving: Work quickly hair, super- strong softness of bibulous, feel, fight bacterium durable; Novel and beautiful and easy, practical, pack elegant. Series breed has: Exceed gown of bath of strong bibulous towel, fast big bath towel of towel of face-cloth of clean of dry hair cap, hairdressing, darling, superfine fibber, high-grade bathrobe, high-grade embroidery bath skirt. Ceremony box suit, can match arbitrarily, custom-built or the welcome is wholesale. Elegant gift box is installed, can wait as material benefits of culture of business affairs conference, celebration, sales promotion, office, business, the gift of all sorts of activity vogue, souvenir, gift; Also be be away on official business, travel at the same time is necessary article. Service hot line: 020-38665026 38661506 network address: Http:// Http://