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[Beg buy] buy inventory canvas 13862344366

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Company name: Assemble limited company of abundant spin trade
Contact: Mr Liu
Mailbox address:
Phone: 0512-50965367
Fax: 0512-50965367
Mobile phone: 13862344366
Address: The village austral Yan Gang of the Yangang in Changshu city 2 104
Postcode: 215500

Define: Respectable client hello!
Trading company of the spin that collect abundant is orgnaization of stock of professional processing textile. Close all the year round
Buy all sorts of inventory fabrics, include cloth of of all kinds needle, tatting, grey, cattle
Card of cloth of young, silk, twill, cotton cloth, bounce, gauze, in cloth, tabby
Young of cloth of cloth, chemical fibber cloth, swimsuit cloth, boundary fishing line, canvas, corduroy, case
Cloth, wollens.
The company has resource of many domestic and international client. The welcome has need to handle above trade
The company that tastes inventory, factory and we are contacted, we will with the rapiddest rate
Give answer! Wish: Shang Qi!