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[Supply] bombazine

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Company name: The county austral dark green brings plant of cotton spinning of second birth of golden spy benefit newly
Contact: Luo Ming is helped
Mailbox address:
Phone: 0577-64418134
Fax: 0577-68503134
Mobile phone: 13858716852
Address: The road before Zhejiang saves the county austral dark green to visit li of town town 120
Postcode: 325804

Define: My factory is place air current of second birth of a professional production spins bombazine bibcock business. The history long, technology abundant, product is all ready, to promote product quality, introduce production of the most advanced spinning machine one continuous line

Automation line, strengthen a technology to guard a pass, severe try product quality. Produce rope of all sorts of spinning of air current of second birth of high grade T/C4s-12s, color gauze, form a partnership, dirt to push, clean is provided, weaving gauze, spell gauze, price cheap, yes

Produce cotton blanket, the first selection raw material such as glove of towel, jean, labor insurance, rope, mop.