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[Beg buy] towel of hotel of guesthouse of pure cotton jacquard weave

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Company name: The Huaihe River brings plant of towel of Ou Shangkang of city Hunan city
Contact: Li Yongyang
Mailbox address:
Phone: 051783385133
Fax: 051783321681
Mobile phone: 15861700373
Address: Jiangsu province the Huaihe River brings market of canal of division of city Hunan state 19
Postcode: 223200

Define: Of the towel that my factory is located in famed far Er - - Jiangsu the Huaihe River is installed, major is engaged in producing product of series of bath towel of high-grade pure plumule.
Communication is very easy. Have advanced machine equipment and top-ranking administrative measure, around arranges equipment fill in the gaps to complete a chain, series product all is used high grade and classy one class bombazine refines via special technology and become, existing smooth knit, embroider of jacquard weave, computer, helix. Printing, cut fine hair, a few old series more than 20 breed, can ask by the client custom-built. Be like the towel such as gown of towel of wash cloth, face-cloth, bath towel, bath mats, Tong Jin, tea cloth, beach, towelling coverlet, bath kind. The product has: Careful, Founder has spent charge for the making of sth. , colour and lustre is bright beautiful, pattern is decorous novel, tone is admirable and beautiful wait for a characteristic.
The product basically faces at: Hotel of guesthouse of each star class; Wash bath and hairdressing center; Welfare tastes sales promotion gift; The things of towel of high-grade pure plumule such as foreign trade order for goods!
Value of this factory product is fair, quality has safeguard, it is your good choice, make our manufacturer allied be achieved in all brilliant! ~