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[Supply] motion protects an appropriative N, towelling of T the silky luster of

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Company name: Limited company of spin of abundant of clear abb of Fujian Province blessing
Contact: Mo Yulu
Mailbox address:
Phone: 0591-85190288
Fax: 0591-85193666
Mobile phone: 13178384569
Address: Qing Dynasty of Fujian Province blessing presses down village of Hong Kuan industry below city this world
Postcode: 350323

Define: Taiwan businessman of department of limited company of spin of abundant of clear abb of Fujian Province blessing is solely invested enterprise, be located in the town below this world of quiet town of Fujian Province blessing village of Hong Kuan industry, have advanced manufacturing facilities and top-ranking manufacturing technology and management, with first-class staff, high grade, novel product, reasonable price, like the miracle show itself in the market with unusually intense competition. Main production manages: Knitted piece goods, have knitted fabric, finished product cloth, beautiful beautiful cloth (N beautiful beautiful, T beautiful beautiful, Q beauty beautiful) , double-faced beautiful accumulates cloth (T Shuang Jia, N Shuang Jia) , bosseyed beautiful accumulates cloth (T Chan Jia, N Chan Jia) , cottony cloth, k208) , Laikabu (card of polyester fibber Lai, polyamide fibber Lai gets stuck) , smooth cloth of undercoat, long broken filament (polyester fibber, polyamide fibber) , copy OK cloth, fluorescent cloth (fabrics of cloth of fabrics of sex of EN471) , function, chamois, superfine fibber, prevent spill. The product basically applies at knitting hand-me-down, motion to protect provide, shoe material, insole uses cloth, case bra of bag, vanity, underwear, glance unlined upper garment of cup of model of vest, toy, underwear, T-shirt, campaign plays fabrics of pram of dress, baby carrier, .