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Exposition of textile of international of 2008 China bridge stalking or branch (

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Exposition of textile of international of 2008 China bridge stalking or branch (autumn)
Flutter cases
One, exhibit meeting time, place
Time: On October 25, 2008, 28 days
Place: Trade centre of world of bridge stalking or branch
2, postpone meeting circumstance introduction
Origanization construction:
Sponsor an unit: Union of trade of association of textile industry of stimulative commission of trade of government of Zhejiang province people, China International, China, China
Support an unit: Bureau of development of trade of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, Hong Kong
Undertake unit: Carry on of province of branch of province of Zhejiang of stimulative commission of trade of center of development of national spin product, China International, Zhejiang promotes city people government, Zhejiang to save carry on to begin prefectural people government
Exhibit Wu to carry out: Carry on promotes prefectural China to spin a city gently to exhibit meeting limited company
Exhibit meeting characteristic:
China (Ke Qiao) the key support that international textile exposition is national Department of Commerce is exhibited one of meetings (already held 8 successfully continuously up to now) , in held every year October. Rely on Chinese carry on to promote a county ground of assemble of industry of the biggest spin and China spin this one whole nation gently city this one whole world is the greatest textile trades powerful backup force of the center, the meeting that spin rich already made domestic scale the biggest, influence is the most extensive, specialization, one of textile grand meeting with top level of internationalization, informatization. Spun rich to be able to be exhibited 2007 amount to 1200, postpone business nearly 500, major purchases business to amount to 18713 people, the major that comes from the many countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada and area purchases business nearly 4000 people, the product clinchs a deal the forehead amounts to 3.858 billion yuan.
This year on April 24, 26 days roll out spring to spin rich to meet first, obtained better positive result. Set 420 international standard to exhibit formerly, show an area 14 thousand square metre. Via adjusting augment, solid set exhibit 686, show an area 24 thousand square metre, in all ginseng of more than 300 enterprise is exhibited, cent textile home of complementary makings, warp knitting spins the face reach spin machinery to exhibit an area 3 times. Show according to entrance guard system, entrance major is registered to purchase business to amount to 12107 people inside 3 days, 62332 person-time. Business is purchased outside including to come from the condition of 21 countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Iran among them 2857 people. Current exhibit can realize a product to clinch a deal in all the forehead 3.12 billion yuan, among them the contract clinchs a deal 1.079 billion yuan, commerce intent 2.041 billion yuan.
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