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2008 China (carry on is promoted) international textile exposition

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Spin rich 8 years to meet
2008 China (carry on is promoted) international textile exposition
Show time: On October 25, 2008 - 28 days
Show a location: Carry on of bridge stalking or branch starts world trade center
Extend meeting theme: Vogue, character, green
Origanization construction:
Sponsor an unit: Union of trade of association of textile industry of stimulative commission of trade of government of Zhejiang province people, China International, China, China
Assist run an unit: Hong Kong commerce develops chamber of commerce of imports and exports of textile of bureau, China
Undertake unit: Carry on of province of branch of province of Zhejiang of stimulative commission of trade of center of information of spin of branch of industry of spin of stimulative commission of China International trade, China, China International, Zhejiang promotes city people government, Zhejiang saves carry on to promote prefectural people government
Exhibit meeting characteristic:
China (carry on is promoted) the key support that international textile exposition is national Department of Commerce is exhibited one of meetings, rely on Chinese carry on to promote a county this one throughout the country is the biggest the powerful backup force of ground of spin industry assemble, already made domestic scale the biggest, influence is the most extensive, specialization, one of textile grand meeting with top level of internationalization, informatization. Spun rich to be able to be exhibited 2007 1200, major purchases business to amount to 18713 people, the major that comes from the many countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada and area purchases business nearly 4000 people, clinch a deal the forehead amounts to 3.858 billion yuan.
Make the more professional, richer actual effect, international dry goods that has force more top class exhibit meeting
More than 500 spin of more professional whole nation produces business scene to reveal, carry on promotes a county many 8000 spin produces a business at any time what await respectively purchases business is on-the-spot make an on-the-spot investigation.
Richer actual effect is numerous business is purchased outside the condition that comes from country and the area such as Euramerican, Asia-Pacific, middle east, the domestic key market such as bay of Bohai Sea of long triangle, extensive bead triangle, annulus is professional jobber, with the major outside other churchyard travelling merchant forms a delegation go to exhibit can negotiate purchase.
Have consequence and representative of global action trade more strong strong collaboration, form powerful promotion platform, centrally TV station, phoenix is defended inspect, the TV medium such as Zhejiang TV station and Japanese fine grind weekly of news of report of article of newspaper of news, China spin, Hong Kong, spin, China can be exhibited wait for industry of professional media and spin specific aim of base of professional website, professional market, production is begun large-scale, .
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