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On April 21 prices of gauze of bombazine of market of raw material of Shandong p

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Color of grade of product name norms clinchs a deal the price
(10 thousand yuan / ton) producing area
Shandong of 1.21-1.22 of first-class white of pure bombazine OE 10S
Rich of 1.40-1.41 of OE 16S first-class white is promoted
Xia Jin of 1.71-1.72 of C 21S first-class white
Xia Jin of 1.51-1.53 of OE 21S first-class white
Heibei of 1.72-1.73 of C 22S first-class white
Shandong of 1.75-1.76 of C 23S first-class white
1.84-1.85 of C 32S first-class white talks about a city
Liaoning of 2.00-2.07 of C 40S first-class white
Henan of 1.99-2.04 of first-class white of person bombazine R10S
Jiangxi of 2.13-2.15 of R21S first-class white
Jiangsu of 2.15-2.17 of R32S first-class white
Jiangsu of 2.25-2.35 of R40S first-class white
Xia Jin of 1.75-1.76 of first-class white of cleanse bombazine T/C50/50 30S
Red of 1.62-1.64 of T/C65/35 21S first-class white east
Xia Jin of 1.90-1.91 of T/C65/35 45S first-class white
Teng Zhou of 0.82-0.84 of T/C85/15 10S first-class white
T/C80/20 5S first-class white 0.88 lukewarm cities
T/C80/20 7S first-class white 0.89 lukewarm cities
T/C80/20 10S first-class white 0.9 lukewarm cities
City of heart of 2.11-2.12 of first-class white of knitting gauze 32S
Village of jujube of 2.10-2.16 of 32S first-class white
2.20-2.21 of 40S first-class white talks about a city
Lai of 2.20-2.21 of OE 32S first-class white overs grown with weeds
Heibei of 2.12-2.13 of first-class white of 32S of complete cotton combing
Heibei of 2.36-2.37 of 40S first-class white
Pure cleanse gauze
(Small chemical fibber) T 21S is first-class and whitened 1.19-1.20 Jiangsu
T 21S is first-class this white 1.18-1.19 Liaoning
T 22S is first-class and whitened 1.20-1.21 Jiangsu
T 23S is first-class and whitened 1.21-1.22 Jiangsu
T 32S is first-class and whitened 1.24-1.27 Jiangsu
Pure cleanse gauze (in chemical fibber) T 32S is first-class and whitened 1.29-1.32 Shandong
Pure cleanse gauze (big chemical fibber) Shandong of 1.63-1.64 of T 32S first-class white
Shandong of 1.67-1.71 of T 45S first-class white
21.5S of cleanse third gauze is first-class and whitened 1.27-1.29 red east
21S of pure cleanse lubricious gauze is first-class black 1.31-1.34 Jiang Yin
23S is first-class red 1.32-1.37 Jiang Yin
Jiang Yin of 1.35-1.39 of 23S first-class Bao Lan

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