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2008 China (Shanghai) spin fabrics and complementary makings exposition

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2008 China (Shanghai) spin fabrics and complementary makings exposition

Shanghai -- the choice land of optimal business chance
Shanghai is China is provided most internationally city, also be the center that our country tradition spins product industry gently, optimal business affairs communicates the first selection of the ground. Develop at full speed as global economy, the international market faces us to open completely, textile is in international market demand is very huge. Chinese textile expands increasingly in the consequence in global economy, become the spin with the greatest whole world to export a nation, and present a good state that develops continuously. Posture of spin product exit is stable all the time rise, all these gained precious business chance for industry development.

CHTF2008 -- the industry communication platform that the quantity builds surely personally
To promote the prosperity of the development of Chinese textile and textile market, strengthen the communication of textile international trade and economic technology and cooperation, 2008 China (Shanghai) spin fabrics and complementary makings exposition, on October 20, 2008 - in Shanghai Guang Dalong is held 22 again, bencibo sees meeting general grasp run a service the purpose at the industry, with internationally, sex of professional, commerce is a characteristic, advocate design of Chinese spin innovation energetically, introduce international popularity trend, creat for industry the arena of communication, prosperity, collaboration, win-win. The organizing committee insists to be with the market oriented, will pass perfect professional promotion and public media conduct propaganda, expand extend meeting scope, inviting professional audience, purchase the respect such as business to promote service level to build top-ranking spin major to exhibit in the round meeting. Believe the elaborate organization in the organizing committee and perfect detail serve, can let 2008 China (Shanghai) the glorious with spin fabrics and more dazzing coruscate of complementary makings exposition, attract global spin bound to be fixed eyes upon for it. The organizing committee wishs heartily all exhibiting business and present buy the home to exhibit again and again of meeting great achievements in this!

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Association of Chinese spin trade
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Japanese fine grinds company / association of European spin clothing / Taiwan spins develop to meet / Turkey textile industry is allied

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