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2008 China

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Carry on of national China city is promoted
Sponsor unit Zhejiang to save carry on to promote prefectural people government to undertake unit Shanghai song China the exhibition serves limited company,
China spins a city gently to show limited company
Supportive unit exhibits meeting name fabrics of textile of international of Ke Qiao of 2008 China • complementary makings exposition
Hold time 2008-04-24 to end time 2008-04-26

Fabrics of textile of international of bridge of 2008 China • stalking or branch complementary makings exposition
China Keqiao International Textiles, fabrics & Accessories Exhibition 2008
Time: 24-26 day ground nodded in April 2008: Chinese bridge stalking or branch. Carry on starts world trade center
■ origanization construction
Sponsor an unit: Zhejiang saves carry on to begin prefectural people government
Constituent unit: Shanghai song China the exhibition serves limited company
China spins a city gently to show limited company
■ extend meeting advantage
★ brand advantage: Through 8 years brand development expands, china (carry on is promoted) international textile exposition already made domestic scale the biggest, influence is the most extensive, specialization, one of textile major grand meeting with top level of internationalization, informatization, have in spin industry extremely tall famous spend and beautiful praise degree, it is spin trade fair is medium " new navigation mark " . The 8th meeting that spin rich was exhibited 2007 amount to 1229, 466 enterprises ginseng is exhibited, purchase business 130 thousand more than person-time, business is purchased to amount to 4000 people outside the condition that comes from 23 countries such as Euramerican, Asia-Pacific, middle east and area among them, exhibit can clinch a deal the forehead achieves 3.858 billion yuan. "Fabrics of textile of international of bridge of 2008 China • stalking or branch complementary makings exposition " take the conference that spin rich " lead Chinese spin market and whole world famous industry strong strong dialog, the spin career that makes you " tenet and " internationalization, brand is changed, specialization " principle, carry on of have the aid of allows the distinct advantage of the countryside of prefectural spin, rely on China to spin a city gently the powerful platform of production center of textile of this one whole world and trade centre, gather together come from the whole world the professional personage of each countries and area and high grade face complementary makings, certainly will becomes great international grand meeting when 8 years complementary makings reveals textile fabrics.
★ area advantage: Carry on promotes prefectural bridge stalking or branch to be located in Hangzhou bay south bank, be located in domestic population the most concentrated, economic development is the rapiddest, the delta of the Yangtse River with social the strongest purchasing power " Jin Nayi " . Be apart from International Airport of Hangzhou Xiao Shan 20 kilometers, shanghai Pudong International Airport 230 kilometers, peaceful wave harbor 150 kilometers, freeway of Shanghai Hangzhou another name for Ningbo, Hang Jinqu, 104 traverse whole area with 329 nations line, situation is advantageous, astral class hotel gathers, meal accommodation establishment is all ready.
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