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Textile of international of the 7th 2008 Nanjing face complementary makings expo

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Nanjing of national China city
Sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote branch of committee Nanjing city to undertake exhibition limited company is spun in unit Nanjing
Shanghai Cheng abundant shows limited company
Government of people of city of supportive unit Nanjing can be exhibited do fair room of course of study to exhibit meeting name exposition of complementary makings of textile face of international of the 7th 2008 Nanjing
Hold time 2008-05-11 to end time 2008-05-13

Showpiece content ● is introductive:
One fills the market of good luck! Grand meeting of international of the spin fabrics with Jiangsu only area, complementary makings, Nanjing spins rich to meet (CNTE) ! !
2002 first " CNTE " have 89 2000 battle arrays of smooth rice only, and purchase business professionally to also have 4231 people only, however this puerile arena is after the catharsis through 7 years already thrive becomes an industry inside internationally trade platform.
"CNTE2007 " at the center was being exhibited in Nanjing international 7 years on May 23 the victory concludes. Congress was attracted in all come from global the ginseng of 908 ginseng enterprise of 17 countries and area is exhibited, course of study of its China foreign enterprise is occupied ginseng 31% what postpone a business, domestic company is occupied 69% , reveal on 1000 international in all most advanced product, in by a definite date 3 days in trading, the audience of many countries and area is as high as 36052 person-time, current exhibit meeting intent to clinch a deal the forehead achieved 1.13 billion yuan. Started line of business of dress of domestic and international spin purchase a climax. "CNTE " already formed to have reveal the new product, new technology, new platform that conforms with international trade.
◆ " CNTE " develop a tendency:
"CNTE2008 " in union all previous the organizing committee on the foundation that exhibits meeting experience will increase the promotion investment to her again, "CNTE2008 " will be in " hurried of trade of chamber of commerce of Nanjing municipal government, international, international is spun in meeting, Nanjing, Italian HD international shows a company " support of your kind effort and cooperate to fall cheek by jowl, will be in center of Nanjing international exhibition to flare on May 11 at 8 years with brand-new appearance come on stage. Of congress exhibit an area to will be amounted to 24000 smooth rice, content covers: Auxiliary of all sorts of textile, fabrics, complementary makings, raw material reachs a system. "CNTE2008 " the cooperation with the spin association close development that will show the country such as company and middle east, Euramerican, southeast Asia through Italian HD international, use media of major of even more a hunderd schools to make whole journey trace a story stereoly, strive will " CNTE2008 " make Cheng Huadong the area has representative international major grand meeting, provide more broad market and development space for industry of garment of spin of China and foreign countries.
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