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Spin of international of Fosan of 2008 China · makes exhibition of garment new

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Fosan of national China city
Sponsor childen's garments of city of unit Fosan annulus to trade central Guangzhou gets rich to exhibit limited company to undertake unit Guangzhou gets rich to show limited company
Supportive unit Guangzhou gets rich to exhibit limited company to exhibit meeting name spin of international of Fosan of 2008 China · makes exhibition of garment new facility, new material, new technology
Hold time 2008-04-14 to end time 2008-04-16

Showpiece content   is current exhibit can set in all exhibit 500, the area that exhibit a house amounts to 10000 square metre, predicting audience can amount to 10 thousand person-time.

Two years a professional grand meeting is the land that you develop Fosan market first selection!

Chinese Fosan! Big Fosan makes the edition with garment essential industry as domestic spin piece, already formed include spin, childen's garments, printing and dyeing, knitting, underwear, wool spinning, hemp to spin, machinery of chemical fibber dress, spin, spin uses material to wait for an industry inside whole textile industry system, group of industry of 6 big spin establishs inside circle of half hours of economy: Annulus city childen's garments----"Town of military importance of Chinese childen's garments " , produce per year a quantity 170 million, hold total output value of countrywide childen's garments 31.3% ;

The water in Nanhai---Chinese sock famous city, 2003, water realizes production value of industry of hose estate industry in 3.02 billion yuan, year produce 560 million pairs of socks, among them 58.3% exit country and the area such as Euramerican, Japan, exit is achieved collect 185 million dollar;

Xi Qiao spin-----"Chinese fabrics famous city " , the beauty that Xi Qiao spins a city gently to enjoy one of 4 big textile terminal market of countrywide praise;

Piece raft knitting----As the whole nation the biggest spin raw material sells a division, include great river, white Ni, silver to amount to, Gu Zao, below bright, piece raft wait for market of city of 7 big knitting and cloth inside base of knitting cloth production and distribution centre, popular home and area of mesa of HongKong and Macow reach the product Euramerican country;

Saline pace underwear---"" of Chinese underwear town of military importance, production value amounted to 1.5 billion yuan last year, it is in brand of 15 famous underwear of Chinese, saline pace occupies 7.

Arrange heart bull-puncher---All install a town to make garment industry give priority to dozen of industry with bull-puncher, the bull-puncher dress with famous international machines base, enjoy in Euramerican market know higher the name is spent, enjoy " the bull-puncher of the world, the world of bull-puncher " beautiful praise.

Fosan is becoming Hua Na to have the spin strong city that develops energy most, reach material to equipment of the relevant machinery that make the clothing and printing, flocking having huge market demand!
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