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Fabrics of textile of exposition of textile of needle of the 8th China Internati

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Beijing of national China city
Sponsor Trade Association of unit China textile to undertake couplet is spun in the unit (Beijing) can exhibit service limited company
Department of Commerce of supportive unit People's Republic of China exhibits meeting name textile of exposition of textile of needle of the 8th China International face
Makings, complementary makings only house
Hold time 2007-09-07 to end time 2007-09-09
The capital gets together a gathering of things or people, wave Olympic Games chance to welcome Olympic Games business chance infinite, current exhibit meeting cent to be two big board piece, needle textile and textile fabrics complementary makings, at the appointed time textile fabrics capital of assemble of complementary feed business, show newest and fashionable trend; We will invite foreign trade company, dress enterprise, abroad buy the home, famous stylist to attend a meeting negotiate, cheng Jing of Olympic Games of makeup dot capital.

Strong strong together, lead an industry to develop exposition of textile of needle of the 8th China International and China International restaurant to use fabrics of spin of textile exposition ad hoc, complementary material only the house is sure to be an enterprise to open new entrance door in market of China north, northeast, northwest, exhibit during the meeting will, hold " the product is revealed, commerce negotiates, taste newly recommend, information communication, net hands in activity of easy, special subject " etc, bring brand-new concept and innovation design for the industry. Powerful commerce purchases play association the advantage of the network, the powerful lineup buying the home that organizes major to buy the home comes, build textile fabrics in all complementary makings trades platform.

- media publicizes promotion: 1. Home of net of spin of net of spin of gazette of times of Chinese dress newspaper, Chinese spin newspaper, dress, dress, fashionable underwear, China, China, China spins spin of net, Alibaba, China search of intranet, Google, Baidu search, etc TV station and; 2. The domestic and international professional database buying the home that prints visiting certificate to be built through organizing an unit is sent toward professional personage hand in, additional pass each trade mass organizations, constituent government visiting group, trade visiting group, expert group arrives at the spot to visit guidance communication; 3. Protocol is in many propagandist promotion is made domestic and internationally on a variety of 30 relevant media; 4. Invite industry authority personage, histology art seminar, technology communicates meeting, press conference; 5, collaboration invites: With domestic and international collaboration of paper of trade of each three-year institution of higher learning, magazine, website extends jointly current exhibit the visiting certificate of the meeting. Invite the personage inside more course of study to look around through advantage of resource of integrated textile market purchase
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