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Exhibition of textile of family expenses of international of the 5th 2008 Qingda

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Qingdao of national China city
Sponsor guild of dress of spin of city of Qingdao of commission of trade of economy of unit Qingdao city to undertake unit Qingdao song China the exhibition serves limited company
Net of spin of supportive unit China exhibits meeting name exhibition of textile of family expenses of international of the 5th 2008 Qingdao
Hold time 2008-04-07 to end time 2008-04-09
■ advertisement conduct propaganda and promotion:
1, print 1 million pieces of visiting certificate, 50 thousand invitation letter in order to mail, fax, distribute, the means that report mails, business of the trade organization that invites the home extensively to spin an industry, production, bazaar, supermarket purchases business, agency, trafficker and of all kinds major to the personage attends and look around exhibit meet and attend the meeting.
2, through " Chinese home spins a net " , " Chinese bedding net " , " China home spins a net " , " Chinese spin net " , " Home Hai Ning spins cloth art net " , " global spin net " , " Zhejiang home spins a net, before exhibit, exhibit meeting hind is reached to make during the meeting all-around report.
3, invitation letter, entrance ticket is distributed in the professional exhibition of countrywide each district, professional market, exhibit dispatch, arouse the interest of buyer, exhibit the conduct propaganda before the enterprise undertakes exhibiting to joining further.
4, the activity of phasic diversity: Cooperate with orgnaization of expert of domestic and international relevant industry, government, attestation orgnaization, well-known company, hold the technical communication seminar that has specific aim and academic lecture, press conference, new product to recommend the relevant activity such as the meeting (detailed data alls alone fully) ; Be attracted with the content of rich and colorful, professional character, excellent service and go to the lavatory more trade public figures look around purchase.

■ ginseng extend range:
1, ground series: The other such as pad of carpet, leatheroid level ground, door
2, metope series: The other such as felt of wall cloth, wall, tapestry;
3, the series on the bed: Bed curtain, bedspread, sheet, bedding bag, be waited for by mosquito-curtain of core of core, pillowcase, pillow, blanket, towelling coverlet, bed act the role ofing, mattess, mat;
4, textile series: The home spins fabrics, sofa fabrics, towel fabrics, bedroom to take dress to wait;
5, screen sign series: The other such as door curtain, curtain, heavy curtain, window screening;
6, eat cabinet series: Mat of tablecloth, tablecloth, napkin, tea cloth, apron, handkerchief, oversleeve, eat, obliterate the other such as bag of cloth, net, gunny;
7, furniture series: Fabrics of slipcover, chair, chair is covered, cushion for leaning on, cushion;
8, the series that defend bath: Of all kinds catch knit cushion of shade of printing towel, bath mats, bath towel, bath, closestool to wait;
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