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2008 the 8th (Qingdao) international spin fabrics, complementary makings and yar

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Qingdao of national China city
Sponsor guild of dress of spin of city of Qingdao of commission of trade of economy of unit Qingdao city to undertake unit Qingdao song China guild of dress of spin of city of Qingdao of exhibition service limited company
Net of spin of supportive unit China exhibits meeting name 2008 the 8th (Qingdao) international spin fabrics, complementary makings and yarn exhibition
Hold time 2008-04-07 to end time 2008-04-09

Showpiece content ■ introductive:
Shandong regards Chinese the eastpart part as coastal economy big province, manufacturing industry base is solid, consumptive market potential is tremendous, it is one of main province that dress of our country spin is produced and export. In recent years industry of Shandong spin garment holds countrywide lead position from beginning to end, 100 strong companies rank dress the cogongrass before the whole nation, emerge in large numbers gives business of mainstay of famous brand of dress of a batch of spin and the characteristic industry that have certain dimensions famous city. The beautiful seaside that Qingdao is the end austral Chinese Shandong peninsula opens a city littoral, one of port of 5 large foreign trade, spin garment industry has long history and solid base, ever shared with Shanghai, Tianjin " on blue sky " beautiful praise. New century, industry of Qingdao spin garment adjusts position, optimize a structure, formed foreign trade exit and the garment industry that start a brand to be characteristic formerly to collect the ground stage by stage, quickened the pace that builds famous city of modern spin dress. Accordingly, on April 7, 2008 - 9 days are held in Qingdao international exhibition center " 2008 the 8th (Qingdao) international textile fabrics, complementary makings and yarn exhibition " the active port with be had very principal.
Qingdao has the city of the city of economic activity force and match of caique of 2008 Olympic Games most as China, reflecting the trend of fashionable navigation everywhere. Qingdao enthusiasm welcomes company of global spin clothing, purchase business, trafficker and all circles friend to participate in exhibit this meeting, let us make an appointment in April, get together Qingdao, cooperate hand in hand, win-win did not come!

■ exhibit meeting timeline:
Cloth extends time: On April 5, 2008 - 6 days
Show time: On April 7, 2008 - 9 days
Remove extend time: On April 9, 2008 afternoon

■ ginseng extend range:
1, fabrics: Hemp is knitted, silk, cotton is knitted, chemical fibber kind tatting, wool is knitted / copy wool, knitting and coating fabric, of all kinds and complex web, antistatic, prevent oil, waterproof, flame retardant, radiation-proof fabric, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics, glance fabrics of fabric, bounce fabric, function, printing fabrics, ;
2, spin raw material: Silk of fiber of natural fiber, synthetic fibre, plant, dacron, auxiliary;
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