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Exhibition of technology of printing of textile of 2008 China International

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Shanghai of national China city
Sponsor committee of major of technology of printing of guild of unit China printing and dyeing to undertake association of collaboration of technology of economy of unit China Europe
Supportive unit Shanghai stands be proud exhibition limited company exhibits meeting name exhibition of technology of printing of textile of 2008 China International
Hold time 2008-03-05 to end time 2008-03-07

Showpiece content exhibition of technology of printing of textile of 2008 China International

Market of world first printing
In Chinese spin industry it is the industry that China has competitive advantage most, no matter textile industry is total output and export volume all are the world the first. 2006, gross value of industrial output of Chinese spin industry exceeds 2.5 trillion yuan. Grow as the abidance of Chinese economy in recent years, of standard of living rise, the consumption of textile of Chinese home printing presents the trend of rapid growth. The printing dry goods that exports world each district at the same time also is having on quality and amount substantially rise.
In this the world's biggest textile industry market, the market demand of the auxiliary material to top-ranking textile printing technology and equipment and high quality is breathtaking undoubtedly. Printing China is exhibited of the meeting hold will be textile printing in this one professional domain, the join of whole industry catenary, promote the promotion application of new technology new facility, and undertake efficient sale and demand butt joint, provide a platform that has an advantage alone.
About Printing China
Printing China will attract the domain such as material of printing ink of the printing machinery that comes from world each district, printing, printing, auxiliary equipment postpone business, china is the sale market of the world's greatest printing technology equipment.
Material of printing ink of printing machinery, printing, printing, auxiliary equipment, important exporter comes from the country such as the United States, Holand, France, England, Germany, china is entrance country.
The policymaker major personage that Printing China will exhibit the domain such as manufacturer of textile of processing factory of dress of textile of business and spin fabrics, family expenses, underwear and underwear fabrics, dress, printing, daily expense to join offerred the good opportunity that gets together, will be the ground of assemble of character of delegate of domain of whole textile printing, photograph of firm of data of the printing textile manufacturer that Printing China makes come from district of other country of China and Asia, equipment, agency business, technologist gathers create future hand in hand.
Predicting exhibition will be attracted come from area of Taiwan of China, Japan, Korea, China, North America, Europe, east the policymaker of the country such as alliance and professional personage. The ginseng that comes from each country can exhibit business in this the applied client that has latent capacity extremely is interviewed face-to-face in the meeting group with the partner. Ginseng will exhibit business through Printing China meeting, expand in the circumstance of market sale of the Asia and understanding market development further.
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