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Fabrics of textile of 2007 China International, complementary makings (Beijing)

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Beijing of national China city
Sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote committee Beijing branch to undertake Hua Yang international shows the harbor in the unit (Beijing) limited company
Chamber of commerce of Beijing of chamber of commerce of supportive unit China International exhibits meeting name fabrics of textile of 2007 China International, complementary makings (Beijing) exposition
Hold time 2007-12-11 to end time 2007-12-15

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The good luck of the wall that Beijing is using an Olympic Games makes the world " of fashionable dress " . Before the Olympic Games, beijing not only it is Olympic sports center, still be the world's new fashionable center. This is add Paris, Milan later, the city of world contemporary vogue with another international accepted orgnaization. As " industry of stimulative Beijing fashionable dress grows, build " of fashionable dress " program compendium " solid only then, beijing garment manufacturing industry is passed in last few years rapid development, had had certain industrial dimensions, emerge reveal large quantities of one domestic and international well-known trademarks: Li Ning, white-collar, love, according to article, gent, clique bird of silk of ox of Crane emperor, Xue Lian, copper, suitable beauty, fine. Spin garment industry is one of industries that Beijing key plans to develop, have at present big in company of small spin clothing is close 8000. Beijing depends on his content of capital dominant position and center of countrywide information communication, whole nation sheds a center to reach 2008 Olympic Games to hold a city to wait, become company of many foreign trade imports and exports and foreign trader to be stationed in China the optimal base that the orgnaization has trade and platform.

According to statistic, our country complementary material product exported spin fabrics 2006 amount fifty-two billion two hundred and fifty-four million dollar, increase compared to the same period 18.84% , 35.53% what hold textile and clothing export total; Complementary material product imports spin fabrics amount sixteen billion three hundred and fifty-four million dollar, increase compared to the same period 5.58% , 90.60% what hold textile and dress import total. Favorable foreign trade situation and vast development space make the central point that China made world spin. As our country fabrics complementary material product adds of the value promote steadily, international competition ability increases ceaselessly and of industry of garment of Beijing area spin span type develops, expand demand to comply with spin garment industry, close to via China International trade plan of meeting Beijing chapter is sponsorred, by in Hua Yang international shows harbor (Beijing) the fabrics of textile of 2007 China International that limited company undertakes, complementary makings (Beijing) exposition will on December 11, 2007 - be in Beijing 15 days - China International trade centre is held ceremoniously.
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