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The 7th 2007 China (Hangzhou) textile of international family expenses (Qiu Dong

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Hangzhou of national China city
Sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote branch of committee Hangzhou city to undertake chamber of commerce of city of Hangzhou of chamber of commerce of unit China International
Chamber of commerce of city of Hangzhou of China International chamber of commerce
Vasting rich of supportive unit Hangzhou can exhibit limited company to exhibit meeting name the 7th 2007 China (Hangzhou) international home
With textile (Qiu Dong) exposition
Hold time 2007-12-08 to end time 2007-12-10

Showpiece content [introductive]
Zhejiang is having the spin industry of long tradition, among them cloth of curtain, sofa and dry goods of of all kinds household hold Chinese share 70 % above, banner place is had in China, it is certain to be enjoyed in the world famous degree. Zhejiang home spins the cloth art development through nearly 20 years, protruding of industrial group dominant position shows, lump economy characteristic is apparent, large quantities of dimensions industry emerge in large numbers. The long triangle area that the home spins cloth art to already became Jiang Zhehu conforms industry of international characteristic, advantage, "Chinese home spins city of cloth stage name, famous city " become famous global.

"The 7th 2007 China (Hangzhou) textile of international family expenses (Qiu Dong) exposition (2007HITE) " it is China International commerce the activity of a professional trade that branch of city of stimulative committee Hangzhou and chamber of commerce of city of Hangzhou of China International chamber of commerce support exclusively. Exhibit can hold first from 2001 up to now, develop quickly and expand what spin a property as Chinese home ceaselessly. All previous exhibit the beautiful accomplishment proof of the meeting, 2007HITE already was become at present global the modernization that buys the home and trading company is large " one-stop " the major that textile purchases is exhibited one of meetings. In the meantime, also be known as " Chinese home is spun taste newly purchase optimal get the better of meeting " .

[reviewing of previous term or session]
1, the respect that postpone business: "2006HITE " exposition, share nearly 1000 ginseng that come from 10 many countries and area to postpone business, among them Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland exhibit business to occupy 61% , abroad exhibit business to occupy 39% .
2, audience respect: "2006HITE " exposition is successive 3 days since exhibiting. Attracted 17785(in all not complete count) the name buys the home to enter inside course of study look around. Among them the audience of 59% above is a few circumjacent cities that come from the Hua Dong area at China and vicinity.

[show program]
Cloth exhibits: On December 6, 2007- - 7 days
Exhibition: On December 8, 2007- - 10 days
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