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Zhejiang is long promote spin city a week gently (4.15-21) brief judge - in maki

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A week comes, majority convention tabby clinchs a deal the quantity is disappointing, husband of other cleanse tower still has drop, for example, 170T, 180T, 190T is current the price falls in 1.16 yuan / rice, 1.26 yuan / rice, 1.35 yuan / rice. Volume of shipment of damask of velveteen having shuttle has enlarge a bit, the price is maintained smooth, 205 grams, 175 grams, 160 grams are current the price is in 3.06 yuan respectively / rice, 2.65 yuan / rice, 2.45 yuan / rice. Grind market of coarse cotton cloth to trade the volume drops, but at present market price of short duration is protected smooth. "No matter " of 5 beautiful damask is to shuttle or gush water weaving maintain move sell state, have shuttle especially 5 damask are good in quality and cheap in price, applied range is extremely wide, besides use at dress in, besides fabrics, the packing data that is used extensively also at of all kinds gift uses cloth. Lightsome spin, play Chun Ya to spin partly, the makings in cleanse cotton series clinchs a deal the quantity also shows sign of fall after a rise. The makings in the market after predicting trades to still take continuance exhausted form situation.

Additional as we have learned, long promote region spurt loom downstream loom switchs on the mobile phone rate drop to 58% the left and right sides, with photograph comparing falls again last week 2 percent.