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Be not weaving cloth crop

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The Zhejiang of main unripe source that dispatch our country was not weaving cloth on September 2 and Shandong province still hold lead position, this two provinces produced nineteen thousand four hundred tons of blame weaving cloth with eleven thousand seven hundred tons respectively July, but relatively on the month appeared small decrease, annulus comparing drops it is respectively 7.71% , 3.3% .

As a result of the off-season influence of market of whole July spin, our country was not the crop of weaving cloth to also appear to decrease, among them output fell July a province of more than 30% is mutual 3, include Tianjin, Hubei and Shaanxi, chongqing this month of cloth of weaving of no more than yield. Nevertheless also 3 provinces city does not have the crop annulus that spins cloth to exceed 20% than amplitude this month: Liaoning province does not have the crop that spin cloth relatively on the month increases 1027 tons, annulus is than amplitude 43.04% ; Heilongjiang relatively on the month increases 35.24% ; Anhui annulus compares growth 22.11% . But the crop accumulative total that this 3 provinces are not weaving cloth this month is 5373 tons, occupy only the whole nation is not weaving cloth crop that month 7.93% .

The crop of blame weaving cloth of 1-7 month our country relatively the corresponding period appeared last year relatively substantially growth, countrywide accumulative total produces 44.1 tons, grow 31.28% compared to the same period, this is main the country promulgated profit from on June 1 " be restricted model makes " carry out formally, countrywide each district each are big the supermarket begins to use without spin hop-pocket, increase to having the demand that spins cloth, make there also is bigger addition without the crop that spins cloth this year.

The crop that the whole nation saves an area to be not weaving cloth for the most part relatively the corresponding period appeared last year considerably growth, among them the crop of cloth of weaving of Henan province blame is added fast first what rank the whole nation, compared to the same period amplitude is as high as 101.84% , output also grows twenty-five thousand one hundred tons; Before Shandong is saved also produced blame weaving cloth in July sixty-three thousand eight hundred tons, after adding fast row Henan compared to the same period, amplitude is 91.7% , the cloth of weaving of the 2nd big blame after becoming afterwards Zhejiang produces the ground. Countrywide limits is only the crop of Guangdong and Shaanxi 1-7 month slightly under last year level of the corresponding period, but drop not big. As " be restricted model makes " the amplification of limits, right henceforth the demand that is not weaving cloth may bigger and bigger, because this is in,do not have other the crop of cloth still meets weaving of better the blame before replacing the product of polybag to appear to increase and increase as demand ceaselessly.
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