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Enterprise of spin of Henan civilian battalion is encountered generally tired

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On September 2 dispatch a few days ago, henan saves medium and small businesses to serve team of bureau organization survey, divide 5 survey group to arrive to save 18 city that save administer to undertake survey completely, research 118 companies of ten industries such as treatment of spin, food, produce treatment on the spot. From investigation the circumstance looks, save medium and small businesses to continue to carry the state of healthy and stable development completely, but also appeared a few new cases, enterprise of civilian battalion spin is encountered generally tired, add fast glide apparent, range of deficit of tower above whole nation 10.15 percent, potential problem is shown with each passing day.

Investigation report shows, the reason that enterprise of spin of Henan civilian battalion encounters predicament generally has " financing is difficult " , " it is difficult to use the land " , " it is difficult to use phone " and the reason such as tax cost accentuation. Appreciate continuously in the RMB, exit drawback rate is reduced, raw material and the sources of energy rise in price, salary and social security financing raise the integrated action that waits for a series of macroscopical economy elements to fall, henan saved textile industry to experience unprecedented difficulty.

Up to by June, should save the spin company of 30% average profit margin is in 3% the following, average profit margin has the company of 60% only 0.73% . Enterprise of the deficit in saving company of dimensions above spin completely 124, increase compared to the same period 8.77% , deficit range is 10.39% , range of deficit of tower above whole nation 10.15 percent.

For instance, limited company of city cotton spin travels together in complete province classy level is belonged to in course of study, equipment home is top-ranking, international of partial key equipment is top-ranking, spinning dimensions 100 thousand ingot. Realized gain 2007 1.6 million yuan, taxes of turn over to the higher authorities many yuan 300, produce and sale two flourishing. But since 2008, cotton of main raw material relatively the corresponding period rose every tons last year 700-1000 yuan, worker pay rises every months each 100 yuan, electrovalency rises every degrees 0.0306 yuan, amount to ton gauze cost rises 500 yuan. 1-6 month, this enterprise realizes gain only 10 thousand yuan, be in deficit brim. More serious is, the product is sold now not free, although depreciate, the product is bad also to sell. This year in July, this enterprise already stop production 25% .

Survey discovers, in saving company of spin of 1194 dimensions above completely, great majority lacks capital support, management difficulty. Some mixes even water, report, air as a whole gold financial insolvency, will be forced overall stop production. Have more very person, salary of a running fire is difficult. Enterprise of Henan province spin compares the business of small spin of new wild county with concentration, more amount already deficit 1 / 3. The manager of limited company of prosperous peaceful spin says: "2008, spin enterprise nevers mention it make money, do not bend over below, can hold out the past, it is good. It is good..
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